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We have successfully represented clients across a broad range of legal issues from initial negotiation through trial and appeals. Our clients range from individuals to businesses, large and small, and we understand that every case is as unique as it is important. Whether we are protecting our clients’ rights when they have been harmed by others or defending claims brought against them, the attorneys at Ruby Chase Taliercio deliver comprehensive, vigorous and creative advice in civil litigation matters.

            We represent clients in litigation involving the following:

Community Associations

Our attorneys routinely represent HOAs and condominium associations in their actions against owners to enforce restrictive covenants, for damages from contractors, for damages arising from defective products and for trespass, easement-related and property line-related disputes. We also frequently represent associations against breach of fiduciary duty claims, restrictive covenant-related claims and board election-related matters.

Contract Disputes and Interpretation

Parties frequently find themselves in disputes regarding specific contract terms, responsibilities of the parties to a contract, and alleged breaches of contract. Like the contracts themselves, contract disputes come in all forms and sizes, ranging from minor misunderstandings that need assistance resolving to complicated transactional disputes that require complex litigation. Our attorneys can help you understand the rights and obligations specific to your contract, and frequently assist clients in pursuing and defending litigation matters involving contract disputes.

Landlord / Tenant Matters

Landlords and tenants regularly find themselves in disputes over rent, maintenance, repairs, and other issues arising under the lease agreement. And, sometimes, owners of property find themselves dealing with individuals who are trespassing or squatting on their property without a lease at all. Our attorneys are available to help both landlords and tenants understand your unique situation and help you explore all possible legal options.

Estate Disputes

Occasionally, problems can arise after a loved one passes away. Our firm has extensive experience representing heirs, executors, beneficiaries and creditors in cases involving estate matters. This includes, but is not limited to, actions to recover property on behalf of the Executors or Administrators, litigation to recover money owed to the Estate, interpretation of a Will, representing heirs or beneficiaries regarding the distribution of assets and actions involving removal of an Executor or Administrator.

Construction Issues

The attorneys at Ruby Chase Taliercio have vast experience in representing contractors and owners of property when disputes arise relating to work performed on real property, including construction defects or delays and warranty claims. We routinely assist clients collect payment for work performed, including filing and enforcing materialmen’s liens.

Real Property

Our lawyers help clients resolve important disagreements involving real estate, including purchase and sale transactions, boundary disputes, easement and encroachment disputes and quiet title actions. Our firm also consistently represent individuals in partition proceedings, where a joint owner of real property decides that they no longer want to own real property with the other owners. We have extensive experience litigating a variety of issues relating to restrictive covenants and other homeowner association matters. Our attorneys also are available to assist with timeshare disputes.